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At UBAKC, we believe that developing our students mentally and physically with martial arts combat many issues we face in today’s society.  Living in the tech capital of the world, we find a number of advantages and disadvantages with children being exposed to electronics at such a young age.  20 years ago, parents did not have to beg their child to play outside.  Now, the common parent of Silicon Valley finds hardship in getting their kids to put down their iPad to go play with friends.

Will I learn self- defense?

UBAKC is designed to teach students self-defense skills through traditional practice with application to live simulation and awareness drills. We also provide students anti- bullying techniques and class discussions to assist in combatting common issues affecting our youth today. Self-defense is cultivated through continuous activity and awareness. 

How many years does it take to get a black belt?

Despite anyone’s background in any martial art, everyone who walks in will be given a fresh start and will need to have the willingness to learn. Time and consistent training will be required to attain each rank in our karate system. 

Every rank is internationally certified by our instructors and all students must test at our quarterly Rank Exams before being awarded their next belt. A typical journey to a black belt will be six years of dedication to the art and can be compared to going to school for six years for a master’s degree in College.

Do you compete in tournaments?

UBAKC competes regionally, nationally, and internationally. With Sensei Joane Orbon’s high-performance training program and experience, students have access to the most current skills and strategies in the world. 

Students will have the chance to join the UBAKC Competition Team, after reaching one year of training. If they have proven they are physically and mentally prepared for the commitment to high- intensity training and competition schedule, they will be able to try out for the Team. 

UBAKC targets select competitions year-round to prepare athletes for a seat on the USA National Karate Team. The Team USA National Team represents the country at World Events against other countries. This is an honor for any athlete.

What will my child learn from this program?

Every student will not only learn the self- defense but will also learn the values that come with a positive lifestyle. By first seeing parents commit to our program, children will naturally understand what comes with responsibility and commitment into work hard towards goals.  

What is karate?

When you translate the term karate from Japanese to English, “kara” means “empty hand” and “te” means “the way”. It is essentially “the way of the empty hand” or self- defense without weapons.

With the opening of the Silk Road trade routes running through the island of Okinawa circa 1372; it brought along Chinese visitors who introduced their martial arts techniques to Okinawans.

However, in 1609, the practice of karate/ empty- handed fighting were banned due to governmental changes, so karate was then refined and taught in secret. These techniques became the basis for modern karate.

What style of karate is taught at UBAKC?

Our style of karate taught at UBAKC is known as Goju- Ryu Karate- Do, which translates into “hard soft style”. Goju Ryu Karate combines circular, re- directional techniques brought from Chinese kempo along with the linear techniques from mainland Japan. 

Though the practice was created hundreds of years before, the karate system was officially named by Sensei Chojun Miyagi in 1930. The curriculum at our dojo covers blocking, striking, kicking, and kata (forms) just as it was taught upon its creation.

Who is the Sensei?

Sensei Joane Orbon is a third- degree black belt who has over 19 years of experience. Starting her journey with karate from a young age, Sensei Joane is now a 12-time USA National Champion and has been on the United States National Team from 2008- 2019. 

Sensei Orbon has been on multiple World Championship Teams and has also ranked 7th in the World and 6th in the Premier Karate1 League in 2018. She also holds 6 Pan American Continental Championship Titles and continues to train and compete competitively and hopes to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

What ages do you accept?

UBAKC offers programs from ages four years old and above. 

How long are classes?

Each class is 45 minutes to one hour. 

Will this be good for my family?

We make it a conscious effort to provide a stress- free, drama- free, positive family learning environment for our students while developing true martial arts skills. It takes a village to raise a child, so choosing a sport and community to be a part of is monumental in raising positive individuals in the area. 

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