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Karate For everyone

At UBAKC, we believe developing our students mentally and physically with martial arts combat many issues we face in today’s society. Living in the tech capital of the world, we find a number of advantages and disadvantages with children being exposed to electronics at such a young age. 20 years ago, parents did not have to beg their child to play outside. Now, the common parent of Silicon Valley finds hardship in getting their kids to put down their iPad to go play with friends.

Karate may seem intimidating at first, but once you start, you fall in love with the community and families you meet. There are so many aspects of karate training in which individuals enjoy. Some appreciate the history and philosophy of the art, while others enjoy the physical and mental strength that it builds. Some even prefer the self-defense aspects and combative side of this martial art, while others simply want to share a fun activity with their friends and family. There is something for everybody in karate training, regardless of age.

Unlike team sports, there are no “benchwarmers” in karate classes. Every student in our program learns techniques at their own pace and belt requirements offer a clear path forward at each step of the training process. While fighting techniques are part of martial arts, the emphasis is not on teaching children and adults how to fight, but rather teaching them how to respond appropriately when confronted with negative influences such as bullying, peer pressure, and danger.
UBAKC promises to provide a safe, family friendly environment along with fun and productive classes for everyone. Learning the ancient art of karate, self- defense and a new way of life.

Little Dragons (4-6 yrs old)

Language, vision, emotions and fine motor coordination all continue to emerge and develop richer complexity during this time period.  So, learning a second language as well as skills like drawing, playing an instrument, and learning self- defense are easiest during the first decade of life.

In this program, students will find themselves learning basic mobility, martial arts, and life skills needed to know how to identify dangerous situations and know protect themselves from danger.  The class also serves as a foundation for social development with other peers their age and engage in a fun and safe environment.

Students enrolled in the Little Dragons Program focus on building character, developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for oneself and others, and improving self-esteem. The curriculum is focused on improving their coordination and motor control, while having fun and working hard to achieve their next rank. 

Youth Karate (7 and up)

Karate training brings more than just the physical rewards of increased stamina, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Karate students also develop discipline, focus, respect for others, and goal setting skills.

In this program, students learn more in- depth karate skills while building a strong mind and body.  The curriculum is broken down to teach students blocks, strikes, and kicks; and then adding application to walking movement and forms.  

The Youth Karate Program is designed to teach students the martial arts way with emphasis on milestones of personal achievement that builds confidence. Studies have shown that children who do karate often show significant improvement in concentration and self-discipline – both in school and at home. 

Adult Karate (16 and up)

Adult Karate can be a fun and challenging exercise routine, as well as a great alternative to traditional gym workouts. The Adult Karate Program provides the space to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination along with fellow Silicon Valley peers. 

You will learn the history and philosophy of the art of karate and grow to appreciate both its origins and meaning in their own lives. Regardless of what your fitness goals may be, such as increase flexibility, learn self- defense, or engage in a fun and challenging activity with your kids, the adult karate program gives you the same opportunity as any other student to become a black belt and be a part of a community.

KFA (Karate For All)

KFA (Karate for All) is a karate class designed by UBAKC for individuals with special needs. Karate is a combination of both physical and mental elements and can benefit a child with special needs in so many ways, from mobility and flexibility to memorization and cognitive development. KARATE IS FOR ALL individuals regardless of any physical challenges and learning differences. KFA provides individualized instruction with a curriculum designed to cater to special needs students. 


Our community focused programs are a great opportunity for children to participate in UBAKC programs onsite at their schools or local community centers. Our program not only teaches the strong foundations of traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate, but also cultivates important life skills for children of all ages. 

The emphasis on character development encourages children to be respectful, courteous, humble, and thoughtful of others. Good deeds at home, school, and in the community are discussed and praised in class.

Private lessons & Virtual classes

Private instruction and virtual classes have been a very popular option for many families considering students who are at high risk of COVID-19 or prefer distance learning. Lessons are designed to meet the individual student’s needs. Some of the benefits of private lessons include:

  • Developing confidence for group instruction
  • Preparing for tournaments or examinations
  • Improving technique
  • Self- defense instruction

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